Capella download has a Prohibited symbol over the icon


I am trying to download the latest version of Capella V6.1.0.

When I open the .tar file I see a file with the Capella icon covered by a Prohibited symbol.

If I try to open this file it says it is not supported by this Mac

Any ideas what is causing this?

Hi @GregPaul
I do not have a macOS to test, but I think .tar.gz files are compacted and should be extracted first. Try using an archiver to extract the archives.

Here are the steps to install Capella on a Mac:

  • Download Capella for Mac
  • unzip the file
  • open a terminal window where you unzipped it
  • launch the command “xattr -d”
  • and then you double-click on Capella to launch it.

Thanks Stephane,

The problem was the file. I downloaded the x86 version for my older machine instead of the aarch64 file.