Capella Diagrams

Hey Thanks for the reply!. I need the to map the elements in the .melodymodeller on a diagram(Model). Lets say I want to use the class diagram in the Logical Architecture Viewpoint for code generation. In the above case I am unable to map the elements of the .melodymodeller on a specific diagram. And when I try to use the sirius session it throws exception as mentioned in
my post.

Thanks for the reply. I want to use the same trick, as I want to generate code using some diagrams in some of the view points. The mapping would actually help me a lot for this purpose. That is why I was thinking of loading the .aird.

Thanks for the reply. The problem is when I try to create an existing session it returns null and when I try to create new one it throws exception of Work-space is closed. Can you please have a look at
my post in the same forum and help me out?