Capella Diagram export in word doc - quality and size of images

Hello everyone,

I am facing difficulties to publish Capella diagrams in word documentation (later converted in pdf file) with:
• Good quality/proper readability
• Text research possible
• Reasonnable files size.

So far, the best way I have found is the following one:
• In capella, export the diagrams with .png/jpg format with the maximum quality (see note below).
• In word, go to : File > Options > Advanced > Image Size and Quality > Do not compress images in file.
• Then, insert the picture in the word file.

But the drawbacks are that:
• The size of the word file can be quickly very big with several Capella images to be inserted.
• The text research in the Capella diagram is not possible.

Note :

  • .png format provides smaller file than .jpg format. Nevertheless, the pdf rendition of a png image inserted in a word file is less good than the pdf rendition of jpg image.
    -Use of svg format would have allowed smallest images size, but I have noticed that the image rendition once inserted in the word is not exactly the same than in Capella, and the text research is actually not working in the word/pdf file.

Do you have any advice on how to publish Capella diagrams in word documentation with good quality, possible text research , and reasonable file size.

I don’t know if you are using M2Doc, but if you do you can have a look at Sirius services. Image export use the quality settings from your preferences in the png format.

For the moment M2Doc only support export of diagrams as png. But if you export them by hand, you can export them as SVG. SVG is not supported by MS Word (at least not all versions: png conversion), you will need to convert the SVG image to EMF image in order to insert it in the Word document. You can use Inkscape for instance. There is an example en service to do the conversion with Inkscape in this issue. The command line should look like this:

inkscape --export-type=emf myDiagram.svg

I opened an issue to select the image format from M2Doc services: