Capella Diagram Default Filters

TLDR: Can I disable computed links for all new LAB diagrams?

Long form:

Is there a way of customizing the filters that are enabled for default when a new diagram of type, for example, [LAB], is created?

My issue is with computed links. I’m using the Logical Architecture perspective as a model for interfaces within a project and we’re using it to define interfaces on a multitude of levels. One of the ways I thought I could describe the interfaces is: Only direct links between items of the same ‘layer’ of the breakdown structure (Item A can have links with B, A.1 through A.N can have links with B.1 through B.N but A can’t have links with A.1-A.N and B.1-B.N).

Anyway, this makes some interfaces redundant which shows up on diagrams with only the upper level elements (for example only A and B) displayed. In these diagrams several computed interfaces appear.

I’ll make another post about the techniques on interface management maybe on the Arcadia topic but, for now, I’d like to know if there is a feature to customize this filter for new diagrams so it is not annoying for modelers using the reference model.


Hi Fabio,

I don’t think there is a way to change the default filters on a given diagram. Neither to deactivate computed links.

There is a dedicated topic on interface management in the documentation: Capella Guide > Thematic Highlights > Functional Analysis to Interface Engineering

Also if I am not mistaken, computed links appears with dashed lines and no ports…

I hope this helps.

Thank you Stephane for the response.

I am concerned about users of the model that would be annoyed by the dashed lines appearing from several levels of component interfaces that are not present in the current view.

But that should not be a problem for a model user with a little experience. It’s a mild addition to the workload that can be seen as part of the modeling effort.

The more important question is how to model these interfaces in an efficient way. I have some options but I’ll need some time to make the illustrations and present the problem so that I can gather opinions from the community.

Again, thanks for the response

Yes and in case this is a problem for users that are just consuming diagrams as diagrams, you can also hide these links I beleive (Ctrl+H on a given link).

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