Capella by example

I am new to Capella and would like to know if there is any documentation out there which helps me to understand the modelling concepts and corresponding tool usage, by means of an example project?

Hi Vinod,
I would point this Capella tutorial made by Peter Jackson from the Singapore University of Technology and Design, it is quite comprehensive and useful to get started with Capella:
In case you haven’t seen them, I would like to point out 2 webinars that are relevant for you to learn more about what is Capella:

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Thanks a lot

And there are two books! ecture-engineering-with-the-arcadia-method/voirin/978-1-7854 8-169-7 -with-the-arcadia-method/roques/978-1-78548-168-0
The last one shows a complete example step by step…