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I have a little problem with the capabilities, do I put the capabilities of the system (what the system allows to do) for example (system allows the operator to plan something) I have to put a capability related to my system or to my operator or both?

for an alerte (the system must alert the operator) I put a capability alert (to the system) and another receive an alert and it would be linked to the operator?

@Hajar_TOUIL the capabilities should not define what the system must do, only what the human actors need to achieve. The operational analysis should not even consider the system to be defined. In your example the operator needs to plan something, and that is all. When you begin the system analysis only then do you consider what the system might do to allow the operator to plan.

With regards to your idea of an alert. I would suggest that your operator needs to be informed of something. You need to consider what this means without considering the system – because you have yet to create it. This abstraction of thinking is what can help us to create and invent better systems. It is the mantra of “form follows function”.