Capella 1.4 hangs all the time

Since i moved to Capella 1.4 a spend my time waiting for Capella to recover from hanging and most of the time I finish by killing the process.
It doesn’t matter what I try to do: open a project, import a project from local Git repository Capella: blocks very often. It is not only frustrating, but it is impossible to work like this!
What happened? Did I miss any tuning configuration after installation?

Very strange. Do you have any log file or error?

Are you on Windows/Linux/Mac?

Try to enable Window->Preferences->General/UI Responsiveness Monitoring -> Detect Periods of Unresponsive UI. Such problems will then be shown in the Error Log. (Window->Show View->Error Log). Paste anything suspicious showing up there here.

I’m on Windows 10.
I’ll change the preferences for better monitoring, and come back here, if I find out something. Thank you!
It looks like my Capella model is too large. I’ve startet creating a few fragments and it is better now. Do you have any recommendation for the max size of fragments/aird files for Capella?

You have a performance recommendation entry in the Capella documentation. “It states Fragment Capella models to avoid Capella files (*.melodymodeller, *.aird, *.melodyfragment, *.airdfragment) to be larger than about 50 MB.”. But to me you should not experience such freeze, it would be nice if you could share your model somehow so that we can see what is causing the issue.

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