Capella 1.4.2 Missing Modes & States Viewpoint


When trying to migrate a project from 1.3.1 to 1.4.2, I received the error " The viewpoint ‘’ is missing".

If I’m right, the MS state has been integrated on the Core of Capella since version 1.4.0 so that we don’t need the viewpoint again.
In this case, what is the best approach to migrate a 1.3.1 project (that use the MS viewpoint) to 1.4.2?

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I watched a webinar record in youtube where were defined configurations and situations. If this addon has been integrated to core, how can I use these elements? I currently don’t see them to create under components.

What I looking for is define system life phase by actor state combination, require mission or capabilities to be available while phases, then compute through involved function required functions during life phases, then define modes that activate functions to support this requirement.
Then define if possible deduce what part of system (functions, or exchanges or any items) are required and not while these modes. Find there a reason to split my system in logical component, set component modes.
Then run transition to physical architecture to implement in component products. Define which technical state of these physical components (node) will support each mode, and then when attributing to CI, decide if some of CI/PCN states shall be converted in variant attribute when some product units do not need full described function… (In this case mode means unneeded function exists but is not activated in the application; variant means unneeded function is not built)…

Thanks for any help

Thierry Poupon