Can't launch eclipse.exe

I have a problem with the executable eclipse.exe. It does not open when I try to launch Capella.
What Should I do?
Thank you four your answer.

Install a working system (Linux, Mac, Win…)
Install JRE
Install Capella
Start Capella
… start modeling

Could you provide us more details on what happen when you try to launch Capella?

I used Capella For 1 year now and since 3 days I Can’t open the executable. Nothing happensa that is the problem. I does not open the small block violet saying Capella in big letters.
My Capella aversion is 1.1.3. I have Windows 7 32 bits.
How can I re download Capella? I don’t understand what could happened.
Thank you

Hum it’s quite strange that it does not launch anymore if you didn’t change anything…
You can download Capella here:
Latest version is 1.2.0. Might be the occasion to try it

what should I have to change not to open anymore the launch?
I have first to instal the 64kbits on my PC… it will take some time!
Thank you anyway