Cannot Edit Functional Chain

Hello All,

I am wondering if you have came across the same issue and know how to fix it. I have been passed a model by a college who was unable to edit functional chains (via a functional chain description diagram). I have the same issue as him when working on this same model.

We cannot create a new functional chain description diagram, either on the model or via the project explorer.

I.e. the “New” option doesnt appear when editing on the model.
The “New Diagram/Table” option doesn’t appear when trying to edit via the project explorer.

I have other models open which it works fine in the same instance of Capella. Its just this one model.
Capella 1.4.2.

Is there an option somewhere that has accidently been ticked?

Thank you for any advise you can offer. Josh

I show screenshots of this happening below (sorry for the blue boxes… this is a live model).

SOLVED: The Common Viewpoint wasn’t selected.
On AIRD File Right Click → Viewpoint selection → Common