Can constraints be used for validation?

Hi - Are constraints simply ‘dumb’ plain-text post-it notes attached to objects, or do they serve some other function like a requirement to be validated?

I was hoping that I could use a constraint to attach a requirement, with a parameter and a logical expression, and then validate the model to see if that expression is violated. This is what I expected. But I cannot seem to find that functionality. Otherwise, what’s the point; why not just use a post-it note, or combine the two features.

One of they key differences is Constraints do show up in the semantic browser when attached to objects, post-it notes don’t. You can also use the Trace Manager to trace lower level elements to a constraint, where as you cannot do this with a sticky note.

There are several ways to express non-functional requirements.

  • Property Values/Property Value Groups/PVMT
  • Requirements VP
  • Constraints

How you want to combine these depends on your business’s underlying use case.

Functions and all of the above can be considered requirements that need to be validated and verified.


Hi @JoshWedgwood,

I think @Epictetus question is more concerned if constraints expressions can be validated, that is,
“X > 1”, where X may vary.

I think this needs to be validated in an external tool and feedback to the model.

Keen to hear other views.

Hélder Castro