Calling upon Services in Capella Studio (from other areas)

This is more a question about Capella Studio in general than a question about Sirius.
I was wondering: how calling the services work, are there some restrictions?

In this example there a number of services defined for the Operation Analysis,
is it possible to call them other places of Capella Studio? Say from other viewpoints?

If we take the example of Property View Description: well there is no option to add a service file it seems (not inside the odesign),

whereas viewpoint woudl allow it. So I was wondering how is it possible to call upon services from “elsewhere” in the Odesign Description?



To my knowledge, services are accessible on a viewpoint. So let’s say you want to use
in the Functional Analysis viewpoint, then you have to add the
in the viewpoint.
In an other word, services access is viewpoint-based see related doc.

As services are Java classes, if the service is located in a project and the odesign in an other project, it will require a dependency from the project containing the odesign to the project containing the service. Disclamer: I never had to use this, it may even work.


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