Broken Model?

Getting errors when saving a DiffMerge result i made a repair of a model and got following results (see picture). Right is the original .aird, left is the repaired one
What is the issue behind and how could I recover?
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Backup before merge? Compare with local history ( se.platform.doc.user%2FgettingStarted%2Fqs-55.htm)

The snapshot shows that you are using Capella 1.3.0 extended with EGit. Did you also install the Capella diff/merge extension for EGit?
If the answer is no, then that is probably the cause of your issue.
If the answer is yes, then can you provide more detailed information about what happened: what you did, what you expected and what you observed?

Hello Olivier,
Sorry, forgot to reply. Thank you for help. I discovered a mismatch in the versions of the installation and an upgrade from 1.2.1 to 1.3.0 was not complete (only .aird migrated). It is working fine now after all these corrections