boolean expression in Capella

How to create boolean expressions/function in Capella
“Decision functions such as “AND,” “OR,” “IF,” “ELSE,” and condition based functions”

Can you elaborate a little bit about what you are trying to do/model?
Are you in the OA/SA/LA/PA?
Are you looking for duplicate/split/gather… functions related to Data flows?
Are AND/OR conditions related to control flows?
Or something else?

If you are using these operators in functional chains and want to make them appear when you display the functional chain on a specific diagram, you have to play with the diagram filters. These operators are hidden by default.

When starting to model in Capella there is a desire to use data flow diagrams to model control flows.
In fact it’s possible but not correct.

I had some experience when I used functional exchanges to model data flow and control flow.
In this case some functions on data flow diagrams represented “control flow nodes”
and some functional exchange represents control flows (red one on diagtam).

From tool point of view it works. But as I understand from methodological point of view it’s not correct.
Data flow diagram should not be used to model control flows. Statecharts, Functional chains or scenarios should be used for this purpose.

Functional exchanges should be used only to model data flow.

On the right data flow diagram functional exchanges should not be used to model control flows.

Control flows could be modeles on statecharts

Control flows could be modeled using function chains

Also scenarios could be used to model contorl flow.

I also investigate usage of Behaviour trees for modeling control flows in Capella

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