Books to learn Arcadia?

Did anyone use any of these books?

Do these books contain examples about various systems and sub systems ? (automotive, mechanical, robots, electrical …)
And are there other books out there ?

@IMICAK these books compliment one another (I believe). I have @JVoirin’s book, this is solely about the Arcadia methodology and contains an end-to-end worked example that contain all the elements you might expect – hardware, electronics and software. It only briefly mentions the Capella modelling tool. I understand that @pascal.roques’ book does teach the use of Capella in conjunction with the methdology.

I am not aware of any other professional in-print material for learning Arcadia but someone else might know better.

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If we consider only hard-copy books, only the two you mentioned exist. However, note there are many other resources here and there.

FYI, a new book by @pascal.roques should also be published in early 2023.



Yes! We are working on it :wink:
The Quick Start chapter from the book as a downloadable PDF file on:
A Better Day After Tomorrow (