Blank Diagrams are Missing?

Hi There,
I have been using Capella for about 2 months now and I am enjoying the tool. I have gotten stuck though. When I try to create any kind of physical diagram I get the following pop-up error:
Diagram ‘Physical Architecture Blank’ cannot be created.
Does anyone know why this may be happening? I would like to start detailing the physical architecture but cannot get anywhere with this error. The only solution I can currently think of is to totally re-start from scratch, which would be a pain.

This is extremely weird…
Could you check and tell us what model elements you have in your physical architecture? Maybe something has been accidentally removed.
On a new project, are you able to create PAB diagrams? If yes, then you model is definitely fixable and we can try to help you!

Hi Stephane, thanks for the quick response!
The model elements you show above look identical to what I see in mine.
and yes, I forgot to mention that if I create a brand new project, everything looks fine and I can create PAB diagrams as usual.
I tried digging around and comparing a new project to mine to look for any differences and noticed that “Representations per category” typically consists of
Operational Analysis
System Analysis
Logical Architecture
Physical Architecture
EPBS architecture
Architecture Description
However my project only lists the following under the “Representations per category” folder.
Logical Architecture
Architecture Description
I wonder if I accidentally deleted something thinking that I wouldn’t need it in the future.

If you right click on the .aird file when the project is opened, you should have the following dialog
Is “Physical Archtitecture” checked?

That was it! I had a lot of viewpoints unselected. I wonder when I did that, I’ve never even seen that “Viewpoints Selection” window before.
Anyway, thanks so much!

You probably unselected them right when you created your project!