Beyond "Is Enabled" Option: How to make a widget "dissapear" or "appear" depending on aql requests?

This is a question about Odesign file (Sirius Specifier), maybe it’s best to ask on the eclipse forum? I am not sure. I will take a chance.

So my question is about widgets under the odesign file, especially inside groups in the property view description.
We got “checkboxes” widgets, that got that option “Is Enabled”, it will affect whether the checkbox can be interacted with or not.

I am searching for more than that, I am searching for something that makes the widget “hidden completely” from the computed model. Meaning the Widget simply do not show in the final model under certain circumstances (though, it should be able to show up under different circumstances).

I saw there was some “IF” operation under some widget (under the operation “for”) however both of these cannot be used directly under a group/page, therefore when adding widgets first, you cannot associate an “if condition” to specify whether the widget has to appear or not.
Hope this is clear


You are right it would be preferable to ask the question on the Sirius forum. Sirius experts are focusing on the dedicated forum.