Best way to model functional and component diversity

Hello everybody
I’m preparing a model describing a system which will be done by serial product, having divserity in its functionality and in its construction.
For the moment, my model has about 300 OC, in which 180 include a scenario, the others are kind of generic that could be converted to use phase in MSM, but I have already complex MSM too. Some of them are impacted (have an ALT fragment, or are or not applicable) by functional diversity, or are depending of construction variant.
My OE are impacted by construction variants, and the way it is currently modeled is that they apply a property value when their existence is dependent, or the group owning the values when the design changes, supporting different activities, but the OE is always present. The PVG is owned by the OE parent as the values applied by children have to be synchronized to keep the construction consistent.
My model will be used in tow different copies to transfer to system with a different diversity perimeter.
First idea was to use requirements (SFR and NSFR) but the point is that there no way to check in a matrix or any other mass editing method… I have about 50 OE and more than 200 PVG which sometimes own each other. I did this for OCs but maintenance is painful…because of the lack of mass visualization and editing view.
Without better idea, I’m thinking to let this done in excel files…
Thanks for suggestions

Hi Thierry,

Have you considered using a specific variant management tool?
Pure::variants Connector for Capella seems to be particularly appropriate in your case.

See this webinar for details.

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