Best Requirement Manager for exporting/Importing ReqIF

I’m an intern assigned to figure how to link a requirement manager(Codebeamer, DOOR Next, etc…) to Capella and create scripts and/or API to automate updating when one of the software is changed. I’ve never worked with Capella before or any of the requirement managers and looking for any insight I can be gifted on my journey to figuring out a solution. I was also curious on what requirement manager has the best integration with Capella and will make my struggles easier. Any advice is generous.

Hi Brandon,

There are actually many ways to ‘link’ requirements to a requirement manager. The main ones are:

The solutions and the degree of complexity of their implementation are highly dependent on your objectives.

For a full list of Requirement related connectors/addons, see Capella MBSE Tool - Add-Ons



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ReqView can export ReqIF files compatible with Capella. A possible workflow could involve managing requirements in ReqView and using iterative updates via ReqIF to keep the Capella model in sync. You can find detailed instructions at Export Requirements to ReqIF | ReqView . Check the “Use numeric ReqIF.ForeignID in objects” option when exporting, otherwise Capella won’t be able to import the data.