Basic Performance Viewpoint Add-on Installation Error

I’ve been trying to install the Basic Performance Viewpoint Add-on by both dropin and update site methods. Both installation ways aren’t working. By update site I’m getting the error “The installation cannot be completed as requested” thus Basic Performance Viewpoint CDO Feature (Incubation) Developer Resources and Performance Tests Feature (Incubation) Developer Resources won’t be installed. I tried to install it in versions 6.0 (my current one), 5.1 and 5.0 but haven’t had success.
Would there be a way to correct this error or a different installation method that I can try?

Thank you.

The wizard is a bit unfriendly but it’s OK.
If you click on the next button, the viewpoint will be installed.


Hi Philippe,

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately I think it didn’t work. The point is that even if I install this way (or by dropins) the tool “perfo” (in the print I got from the github) provided by the add-on doesn’t show in my Capella…
Would you know if it’s an installation issue or perhaps I didn’t activated something right after?