Automated Diagram modifications

Hi all,
We’re working on a fairly big model which is constantly being updated as it is still WIP. Our problem is now that whenever we add/modify some elements (e.g. re-allocation, new connectors etc.), several other diagrams start to get messed up in terms of readability. The simplest case is that the connectors get added in these diagrams as well, without properly being laid out. In some more complicated cases, when elements are re-allocated, those elements get moved across the other diagrams, causing them to be not presentable anymore.
It is not an option to de-synchronise all diagrams because this tends to having outdated information.
We don’t have the capacities to check each diagram for co-modification whenever some change is made, as we are getting into hundreds. Is there a possibility to present the user with all affected representations when a change is made, e.g. in some task list format when one saves the model?
Thanks in advance,

I understand the pain but unfortunately, this does not exist
These are topics we are working on, but for the very long term (globally providing better assistance to the end users in their constant refactoring).