Are there "hidden" representations (diagrams) in Capella?

I am especially thinking about the “Common” diagrams:

I made a functional chain on my PAB, and I noticed that the functional chains were part of the “common” representations because of the following configurations i encountered:

Yet I could not find any diagram for Function chains that would appear under the “common” section.

So I was wondering:

  • Is every “represensation” = equal to a diagram?
  • if yes, are some of them “hidden” somehow?
  • If yes, can we access a hidden one, like “opening a diagram called (Functional Chain Description Blanck Diagram)”?
    1. I believe there are other types of representations than diagrams (in the Sirius sense) like tables
    1. Not “hidden” but not all of them are accessible through the method browser. For example, for creating a Functional Chain description, create a functional chain, then select the “square” representing the Functional chain, right-click and create a new Functional Chain Description
    1. see previous answer

You will find a complete list of all Capella Diagrams in the documentation: Capella Guides → Diagrams

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Very interesting, I was not aware there was a FC Description Diagram.
This reminds of a another competitive MBSE tool that had its State diagrams associated with/inside the “missions/use cases”, it is is kind of similar (you open it by selecting the graphical element).

I just noticed saw that it was; indeed, mentioned here: capella/diagrams.mediawiki at master · eclipse/capella · GitHub. Although, there was no mention of the method of opening it, such as the right-click → new ->…etc

Thanks a lot, again!