ARCADIA rules available?

Hi all,

ARCADIA does define a set of rules to follow, as below:

ARCADIA rule example:

  • Only “leaf” Functions (those that are not broken down) can have input/output Ports. If a function is broken down into sub-functions, there is the need of the assignment of Functional Exchanges to the sub-functions of the parent Function.

Are ALL these rules available to share?

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Many of the ARCADIA rules such as the one you mention are checked by the Validation Rules. Just select the whole model or a Perspective in the explorer, or any model element, right click -> Validate. You can find the list of validation rules in the Preferences menu.

Hope this helps.

Yes, @JNavas, thank you for reminding me of the validation rules.

Validation rules is definitely a good source for ARCADIA rules.

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