Arcadia methodolody and Cappella tool for an embedded system ?

Hi everyone,
I am a beginner of MDE and now I would like to use MDE approach to develop controllers of an embedded system (like robots).
I know that UML/MARTE can use to develop this system with Paryrus tool.
But I don’t know how can Arcadia methodology with Cappella tool develop this embedded system ?
And with the Cappella, we can automatic generate code C++, python or some thing like that to use (like libraries) for ROS (Robot Operating System).
Thank in advance,

Capella can of course be used to model embedded systems. If you read/watch the tutorials available on the Capella website, you will quickly realize that if you know how to model you robots with UML, you will have no problem doing it in Capella.
Capella does not provide default code generation features. But numerous project to generate SW code (mostly interfaces) from Capella models. They typically us the Acceleo model-to-text technology.
Unfortunately the following book is in French language, but it is dedicated to embedded systems. And all the functional analysis has been done with Capella:
https:// embarques-temps-reel-conception-et-mise-en-oeuvre

Thank you very much for your help.
Et je vous remercie pour ce livre, heureusement, je pourrais comprendre le français.