Applicable function kinds for flow control condition

In Capella Workbench 1.2.1, the ‘Condition’ text box is enabled in the property window of functions whose kind is either
ROUTE, as expected.
However, following explanation is provided in the book ’
Model-based System and Architecture Engineering with the Arcadia Method’ from Jean-Luc Voirin, Part 3 ’
Encyclopedia of the Language and Glossary of the Concepts of Arcadia’, end of Section 7.6 ’
Dataflow and flow control functions’:
“One condition (and only one) is associated with each ROUTE or GATHER function, to determine the flow to follow; it can be defined especially by a logical combination of Boolean expressions”.
I believe the world
GATHER should be replaced by
SELECT in above sentence. Can Jean-Luc Voirin or Arcadia method experts confirm my understanding is correct ?
Thank you !

Yes, it is unfortunately a little typo in the book.
Only ROUTE and SELECT should have conditions.

Thank you Pascal for confirming it is a typo in the book.