Appearance not changeable in Linux KDE

Hey there!

The topic says it all: I try using Capella on Fedora KDE and no matter what appearance I choose, I end up with some kind of bad dark mode.

I run the current version of Capella and the light theme looks like this:

The name of the active diagram cant be read due to the white letters on white background and connector labels cant be read due to the black labels on black background.

I tried forcing light themes on the processes “java” and “capella” with KVantum Manager, but with no noticeable effect.


I think you can adapt the theme through Capella preferences.

Capella > Windows > Preferences > General > Appearance

And in

Colors and Fonts

(Note that the dark theme is not fully working (it will still display white diagrams)


Hi @pdulth
thx for the reply. I know where to change the themes, but globally changing them does not do the trick and changing color attributes of singe classes that define certain display objects is hard, because I dont know how all the calsses are called AND you have to restart Capella for the changes to take effect.
Do you know where to change the color of the connector texts?