Anyone have a meta-model/reference architecture for ARCADIA?

Hi, I would like to introduce the company to Architecture Frameworks, ARCADIA, and Eclipse Capella, via a guided tour of a model.

My idea was to start from Operational Analysis, to show how it can support the business, through concurrent engineering, management of interfaces and organizing sub-contracts through EPBS etc., and better connect from user-needs to engineering. Showing Actors as named points of contact for practically who to contact for things like modeling and architecture, with their job roles.

Then perhaps going into System Analysis, breaking down ARCADIA steps or putting them in the context of business processes (or ISO 15288:2015 processes).

Has anyone already used ARCADIA to deploy ARCADIA? Are there any example models like this?

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I am not sure I was able to pin down what exactly you need, but here are a few resources for you to look at:

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Thanks for the links. I got a lot of value from the Innovating with Capella playlists when I was getting started.Though I’m not after any training materials for myself.

Instead, I am after a model, built in Capella, which represents the Organization as the system, deploying Eclipse Capella to support product development. This would then itself be part of the training material for people getting started. It would demonstrate the ARCADIA method, within the Capella tool; A meta-model for ARCADIA. The Operational Capabilities might include “Achieve Business Goals”, “Manage Interfaces”, “Concurrent Engineering”. I’m just surprised that one hasn’t been done yet, and so I’m building one myself.

I discovered the INCOSE Systems Engineering Process Model, which models the standard ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015 System and software lifecycle processes. It’s built on the open-source tool “Archi”, which much like Enterprise Architect uses ArchiMate. This is pretty close to what I was looking for. Though not exactly ARCADIA.

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