[allocatedFunctions Issue] Impossible to detect allocatedFunctions

Hello all,
I am working on M2DOC, and I am creating the template for extracting information from my model. I am working with CAPELLA 6.1, M2DOC 3.3.1 and on the “System Analysis” layer.
I would like to extract functions allocated to Actors & my System, and impossible to do that. In cause, the number of “allocatedFunctions” which is always equal to 0.
Here after my template:

I don’t find the issue…

Thanks in advance for the help.

PS: And of course I can ensure you I have functions allocated to my actors & system.

Additionnal information:

  • I work with word 2016,
  • with the above template when I add additional commands to access to other attributes, it works (for example: {m: CompoSys.actor} or {m:CompoSys.human}…)

This should work, I tested it on the IFE example in the Sirius interpreter:

Can you check if you have the nsURI for the System Analysis layer in your template:


And possibly other Capella metamodels…

Hello Yvan.
Thank you for your answer. I already tested that and it didn’t work.

And I know why now! Issue root cause found yesterday and sorry I did not take time to update my post :-(.

It seems the issue came from a bad “.genconf” file. Indeed, I re-edited a previous “.genconf” file (that I created from a previous version of M2DOC) into M2DOC 3.3.1, and it seems it has some strange behaviors regarding the variable targeted: long long time to load the variable, variable value some time not visible into “Generation configuration” window…).
What is strange it’s I had access to some attribute but not all…

Anyway, if I had followed the M2DOC use process, I wouldn’t have had this problem. My bad… :frowning:

Thanks for you answer!

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