Alignment of functional chain

For my project, as the complexity of the Logical Architecture increased the diagram became clumsy. Is there any better way of arranging the functions/functional exchanges so that there is no overlapping /crossing? Any auto or manual methods feature suggestion will be of great help.

Ravindra Dixit

Hi Ravindra,

There are quite a few things you can look at in the documentation about diagram management and layout strategies:

Let me make an additional comment: At some point, if you are modeling a big complex system, you will have so many components and functions at the logical architecture level or physical architecture level, that your diagram will eventually become too complex. So it is a good practice to:

  • make a master diagram you use as a footprint displaying for instance only components
  • create more focused architecture daigrams where you show only a sub part of all your componends and their functions
  • copy and paste the layout of your footprint diagram so that all focused diagram have a consistent layout (the Capella IFE exemple has some good examples of this)
  • ans also: you may have diagrams you use to work on your model, with a lot of elements, where you do not spend to much time on layouting, and others you use to communicate, where you pay attention to layout and readability

I hope this helps.

All the best,

Thank you Stephane for your valuable time and pointers. It helps.

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