Addon Requirements v0.5.0 (beta) has been released for evaluation

Hi, I am new with Capella. I am evaluating Capella for my company’s future project.
I have created reqif document with Eclipse Pror, can I export it to Capella?
Is there any tutorial or example somewhere explaining how to manage reqif file and how to allocate the specobject for each physical component within Capella? Merci.

when installing this addon, you will have an Eclipse embedded documentation with lot of information.
We are preparing a next version 0.9.0 for the next major release of Capella 1.2, for the end of the year.
In this next version, we have enhance this documentation and fix some important issues to better manage reqif iterative re-import (Capella / dropins nightly builds are available for evaluation).
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In Capella integrated help, Requirements Viewpoint/Getting Started/ the following is noted:
“Capella provides also Legacy Capella requirements (Right click, Add Element “Requirement Package”), but there is no relation with this advanced Requirement Viewpoint. For a next Major Release to plan, these Legacy Requirements will be removed from Capella and migrated to this new Viewpoint requirements through a dedicated migration tooling and, then, no more available within Capella core.”
Can you please update us on the latest approach to capture requirements in Capella? Using the option of Add Capella Element/Requirements Package/ is not advised in developing new models? I am planning to develop a model on Capella 1.2.1 and wanted to know the most current practice.
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Hi Moe,
Yes you are right: you should use the Capella Requirements add-on to deal with Requirements in Capella, you can download and install it from here:
There is a legacy data model for requirements in Capella but this will probably disappear, so you should use the add-on I mentioned to enter your requirements, you’ll also be able to display your requirements in any Capella diagram with this add-on.
Once installed, I advise to read the embedded documentation that comes with the add-on so that you understand how it works, it is quite well written. Maybe this message will also guide you on the first steps with the add-on: 432
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Thank you Stéphane for your help. I will use the new add-on then and follow the documentation.

I have well used the add-on requirement in my model and diagrams.
However, I do not succeed to make it appear in the HTML export. Is it normal?
I can see them on diagrams in HTML but I cannot click on Requirement neither have information or attributes related to them, in the HTML export.
Thank you in advance for your support.
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Hello Gregoire,
It is normal (yet unfortunate). HTML add-on allow an export of all the information related to Capella core meta-model with a predefined style based on the type of model element.
Requirement add-on defines an extension of Capella meta-model with its definition of Requirements.
In order to be exported in the html, an extension of the HTML add-on need to be developed in order to export the information related to this new kind of model element.
Unfortunately, this extension of the HTML add-on has not yet been developed…
In case of strong need from your side, a financial support could help fasten the availability of such extension!