Adding labels to functions in Scenarios

Hi, this is more of a productivity related question.

I really like to have the function names on the sequence diagrams (entity/function/interface scenarios) so I usually use the tool “Allocated System Function” to place a label over the lifelines when the functions are executed.

My question is: Although I click over the lifeline where a function is already being executed I have to select a function from the list (which can be one different from the one being executed…). Is there any tool or way of adding these labels automatically? Or at least without having to choose one from the menu?

Hi. Rigurous match between executions (the green rectangles on the life-line) and the functions would be great in some cases, but can also drive to sequence diagrams that are difficult to read.

One possibility would be to highlight the function that corresponds the best to the execution when using the “Allocate Function” tool. This improvement has been identified and could use some funding to be implemented.

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Thank you for your reply Juan! I’d imagine this as a dedicated accelerator that could add the allocated function to the lifeline automatically with this use case:
precondition: Sequence diagram containing executions of several functions.

1-click on “Add label to execution” accelerator
2-click on execution
3-Function label corresponding to executed function is added to lifeline over the execution.
Using the “ctrl-click” to hold the feature would make it really fast to add labels to all desired executions.

Wrot this just to add to the description of the improvement if possible. I understand this depends on funding but would like to leave it for the record. Thanks again.

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