Adding ancestor details in the title block

Hello all,

I am trying to add details from the System Engineering level to all title blocks in a project. I first tried the following:>filter(capellamodeller::SystemEngineering).summary

This works in the interpreter, however, it does not give any output when I fill this in the content field in a title block. Next, I tried to access the same field using:>select(a|>size() >0).summary

Again, this works in the interpreter and also when I add it to the content field in a title block. However, when I try to include this aql query in the default title block in the Preferences menu - it tells me that the expression is not valid.

I do not understand what I am doing wrong - and any help would be appreciated!


Looks weird, your expression seems to work though on my side.

For your expression, the title block shall not be linked to an element.

If it is linked, you need to remove the “.target”,

I have the same issue that @UShipurkar - but I am on Capella 6.0 - @pdulth are you on 6.1?

Indeed, looks like the filter by class doens’t work on 6.0 :thinking:
You can replace the filter by select(e | e.eClass().name=='SystemEngineering')

Awesome - it works for me!

Except, I still experience the same issue mentioned at the beginning of the thread that I cannot insert this expression in the Preference Menu related to title blocks, the popup that enables typing the expression indicates “The expression is not valid”.
(The expression looks truncated because it is longer than the field)

Thanks for the suggestions!

Like @StephaneLacrampe, I cannot insert the equation in the Preference menu. I have tried this expression on Capella 5.2 and 6.1. I get “the expression is not valid” in both cases.