Add-on compatibility with capella 1.3.0

I’m trying to validate that a product I’m build will be compatible with the upcoming Capella 1.3.0. I’ve used the capella 1.3.0 RC build from 3.0-S20181030-191805/?d as a base (win32).
I then installed the latest release of the requirement viewpoint (0.9.1 from ates/releases/?d ).
When restarting capella, I get the following error logged. I guess that the requirement viewpoint 0.9.1 version is not compatible with Capella 1.3.0, Do you have any info on when a compatible version will be released?

Hi Laurent,
The most likely is end of January. Have it as a Christmas gift is not excluded, but no promise can be made at that point.

Hello Stéphane,
Thanks for the info. We’ll wait for our target platform then.