Activity Explorer Problem

Hello Stephane,
No, I did not suppress any architecture in my model. All my diagrams and elements are accessible using the project explorer view. I have tried to open my project in a different workspace and different computer, without any success. I am using Capella version 1.1.1 and Java 1.7.
Thank you

Can you try to close the Activity Explorer editor, and then to re-open it through the contextual menu “Open Activity Explorer” on the “aird” file ?
Do you have any exceptions ? (see menu “Help” / “About Capella” / “Installation Details” button / “Configuration” tab / “View error log” button)

I tried closing and re-opening the contextual menu several times, it did not solve the issue. There are a lot of error in the log that occured at the aprroximate time when the problem occured.
I have uploaded the error log. The proble occured around 10:00 on July 14.
Thanks for your help.

Ok, I reproduced your problem.
One of your diagram is probably corrupted and that causes an exception.
As a workaround, you can delete the corrupted diagram in the “Representation per category” folder.
I recommend you to fill a bugzilla in order to fix this problem.
Thank you,

Small hint to identifiy which are the corrupted diagrams: Go in the Project Explorer view, under the “representation by category”. Try to open each diagram with a double-click. If a diagram does not open, it means it is corrupted. It would be interesting to know what lead to this corruption…

Same thing happened to me. Capella program gave me a Memory Error when I was trying to rename the project.
I couldn`t open any of the diagrams. Lesson learned, backing up the work every other day.