Activities involed in Capabilities not shown in Semantic Browser

In Operational Analysis, If I involve activities with Capabilities, I don’t see them in Semantic Browser.
Is it a Capella Bug?

Hi Clement,
Which Capella version are you using?
Stephane Lacrampe
Obeo Canada

I’m using the v1.3.1.

I would say it is either a bug or a missing feature of the semantic browser in Capella 1.3.1…

It’s the same status in Capella 5.0.0
In SA, LA & PA, we can see in the Semantic Browser the involve functions with Capabilities.
The problem look like be only in the OA layer.

Thanks for checking this. I would say that you may raise an enhancement request then.

How can I raise this enhancement request?

On this page, you’ll probably need to login first:

All the best,
Obeo Canada