Accessing progress Status to display in title block through aql or feature commands


I’m having difficulties accessing the progress status of my diagram.
The goal is to display the progress status and review (see image 1 below) inside the title block using a “feature command” or a “aql command”
Is the progress status not a diagram feature like the documentation for example ?
(For a given diagram: the line “feature:documentation” returns the description of the diagram)

Thank you in advance for your help

It is possible, but the formula is a but complicated.
I managed to do it on a similar case using the following: aql:self.eAnnotations->select(a | a.source = ‘’).references

For a more detailed technical explanation, you can have a look at that post in Stack Overflow:


Martin Le Bourgeois
ObeoSoft Canada Inc.

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Hello Martin,

Many thanks for your prompt reply.
Your suggested solution works perfectly as described

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Also, in order to retreive the text from the Review text space, the following formula can be used:

self.eAnnotations->select(p | p.source=‘’).details.value

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