[Accelerators] FS to ES

Using Capella 1.3.1, I find very usefull the following accelerators:
Functional chain -> Functional Scenario
Functional Scenario -> Exchange Scenario
It allows me, from a SAB or LAB to quickly initiate an Exchange scenario.
However, the FS -> ES transition do not report the functions (state fragment) on the generated ES.
I was wondering if it was on purpose ? State fragments being a representation of a function in a the context of an ES, the state fragment should still be linked to the related Functional Exchange in my opinion.
The way I use it, it wrongly allows me to allocate different functions on the ES diagram, visually related to the Functional exchange, but actually not related.
In this example, Function 1 is visually the origin of the Functional Exchange 1 towards the Function 2.
Actually, Function 1 is not related to Functional Exchange 1 in the model.
It can happen as when you add the function to the ES, you probably have tons of functions at system level. Thus an error can happen.
So the FS to ES transition could in my opinion benefit from also creating the function on the diagram.
Is there a usage where this would not be true based on the way you people are using it ?
Any feedback more than welcome =)
Thanks !

That would be nice indeed!

Actually in your example, the scenario does not say that Function 1 is the origin of the Functional Exchange 1.
Neither that Function 2 is the target of the Functional Exchange 1.
It only says that Function 1 is executed, then Functional Exchange is send from the Actor to the system then Function 2 is executed.
There is no information regarding the link between Functions and exchanges.
You can image the example enclosed.
Function 3 needs 2 inputs to operate.
Function 1 is executed first and provides its output.
Function 2 is executed then and provides its output.
Finally Function 3 is executed.
However, there is no link between input 1 and Function 2.
It’s only the sequence between the execution of the different functions which shows a link.