Acceleo and Capella model

so I tried to create a generator for Capella model using Acceleo 3.7.1 (provided with Capella Studio 1.2.0), but got some issues. Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Generator file:
  2. Generator config:
  3. Template:
    After executing generator stays for few minutes on 99% and then throws following error:
    If I try to run as Acceleo Plug-in Application runner, following pops up:
    Any help appreciated.

The acceleo plug-in application runner is no longer functional and is only present for people using older versions of eclipse (it has been removed from recent version of acceleo).
There are two ways to run acceleo generations. One is the acceleo application runner which you are trying to use, but this is a standalone application, so you need to register all metamodels you’re planning to use (done in the generated java launcher’s “registerPackages” method). Here, you are trying to use the aird file as input model, so you would need to register everything from Sirius in order to run this… However, what you should be using is the “melodymodeler” file, which is the capella model without the graphical part from Sirius. You will need to register the capella package in your resourceset, maybe someone from the capella team can tell you which packages are needed in such a case.
The easiest for you though, would be to use the second way of running acceleo generations, through the “UI launcher” method that is
described in the beginner guide. You will need to start a runtime eclipse and start the generation from there, but you will avoid all issues stemming from the standalone applications.
Please let me know if you need further explanations.

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Hi Laurent,
thank you for a hint regarding “UI launcher” - it works this way.