Abstract up a set of Functional Exchanges on a high-level System Architecture Diagram [SAB]?

I have created two abstract functions (‘Communications Manager Accreditation Functions’ and ‘System Provided Accreditation Functions’ that abstract up a whole set of more detailed functions as represented on various [ES] and more detailed [SAB] diagrams.

Now I am creating an overal, high-level System Architecture Diagram [SAB]. When I reference my high-level functions, the model pulls in all of the low-level Functional Exchanges. These clutter the model and make it difficult to read. In the attached diagram I would really like to replace most of the Functional Exchance lines with a single abstract Functional Exchance representing a collection (super-type?) of them all … with a name something like ‘Accreditation’.

Is there a correct way to do this? So that the relationship between a high-level (abstract) Functional Exchange contains a set of lower-level Functional Exchances. In the same way that higher-level functions may contain lower-level functions on a Functional Breakdown Diagram [SFBD].

( I did notice a related question from October 2017 here: )

I suppose you can watch this video Capella: Manage model complexity - YouTube , especially at the end when creating “categories” and then look at the Capella documentation on how to create categories of exchanges.

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Thank you Stephane … I will take a look.

There we go! Much more beautiful! :slight_smile:

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