A warning issue by the Word generation

with this code M2Doc

{ m:for f | lc.allocatedFunctions }
{ m:for fe | f.incoming->filter(fa::FunctionalExchange) }
{m:fe.source.eContainer().name }

it issue a warning
<— Feature name not found in EClass ActivityGroup Feature name not

We already had this problem with another code like this
it is not blocking and the good value is issued but it complains and generate an error file

AQL (the query language used by M2Doc) is using the fe.source type to check where it can be contained. This is usually more that one EClass and in your case one of them is ActivityGroup. The validation tells you that you might ask for the feature name of an ActivityGroup at runtime and it will fail. it’s a warning since you may never run into this case.
On way to fix this warning is to check if the container is a named element and if not (the ActivityGroup case) use an other feature that can be relevant in your document.