3 types of "Properties view"s - per 1 single element?

As i am modifying the properties view of an element (let’s say a Logical Component). I am noticing such element have three type of properties view’s:

  • If element is selected from Project Explorer → It’s a “la::LogicalComponent” and has 6 pages/tabs. (Capella, Management, … Expert)
  • If element has been selected in the diagram, then → it is a “cs::Part” (using target) or the sirius element "DNodeContainer). Either way it possesses 5 out the 6 previous tabs (expert tab excluded) + 3 tabes related to Sirius arguably, so that makes it 8 pages/tabs. (Capella, Management, … Style…)
  • Double Clicking on the element on either place (Explorer tree or Diagram) → 5 tabs (The first 6 ones without the “expert” tab).

How does that work?
Is it possible to modify the display of all property view “configurations” and the same tabs everywhere? Or at least be able to add 1 Tab that can show up on all three configurations?