Word found unreadable content in Capella 5.1.0 + M2Doc 3.2.0

Hi everyone,
after migrating to Capella 5.1.0, I always get this error on generated documents. Word appears to be able to repair the files, but this problem is annoying. Is there anyone experiencing the same problem?

To migrate your template you should just have to change the version number of M2Doc in the template. Other than that is probably a bug. If you can create a minimal reproduction case please open an issue here.

Hi Yvan, I migrated the template, but the problem persists. I will try to reproduce the with a sample.

Thank you, also some MS Word header and footer templates with text areas can generate invalid documents with M2Doc. You might want to check this also.

The behavior was initiated by a corruption of the template. As I restored the template the document generated was fixed as well.

OK thank you for the feedback.

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