Word captions removed by M2Doc

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I have the problem that any captions I create in my template are removed by M2Doc and converted into static text, e.g. Figure { SEQ Figure \* ARABIC}: Title is converted to Figure 1: Title in every case of my document and therefore, the table of figures is empty in the generated document, while it shows all links correctly in the template.

After some research in the forum I saw that this is indeed an M2Doc problem (https://forum.mbse-capella.org/t/postprocessing-of-m2doc-documents-by-visual-basic/449). However, it is not yet clear to me if this bug is fixed, in what version this bug is fixed and if this version is compatible with the Capella version I’m using (kind of fixed on the Capella, unfortunately). I’m using Capella 1.4.2 and M2Doc 3.1.1.

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This bug is not fixed yet:

You can have a list of all opened bugs here.
You can update your version of M2Doc to the last version 3.2.0 by using the following update site:
If you need the zipped version or an other version of the M2doc Capella extensions you can have a look at this page.
Updating M2Doc will not fixe this issue, but it will given you access to the new M2Doc interpreter view which can be handy to write AQL expressions and see the result in the context of your .genconf file.

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