[Webinar] Python 4 Capella

:calendar: December 16th - 5PM CET
Webinar Scripting Capella with #Python to interact with Capella model
:arrow_right: Register here: https://lnkd.in/dh97mTcN

Have you ever wanted to easily extract engineering data from your #Capella model? Have you ever wanted to easily modify your Capella model and import information into it to update it?
:bulb: This webinar will show you a prototype Capella add-on that will address several example use cases.

It will be presented by Sophie Plazanet (Thales Group) and Arnaud Dieumegard (Obeo).

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Some questions were not answered during the live session. A post have been created to wrap-up of all the questions with their answers: Capella Webinar Q&A - Python4Capella


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