.vpdesc generation in Capella Studio 1.2.0

Dear Capella Experts,
we are currently working on acquiring enough knowledge to develop an own viewpoint for Capella. So far I have encountered the YouTube video tutorials, the document
“Textual DSL for Architectural Description” and the relevant Wiki pages:
In trying to understand how the basic viewpoints work (Mass in particular), I have encountered an issue that I would like to put in the open to see whether it is an installation error on my side or an actual problem in Capella Studio 1.2.0.
I have imported the viewpoint project as a source project as indicated in the wiki page (Mass 1.2.0).
First, modifying anything in the .diagram.vptext file triggers the error:
and the state of the file is shown as ‘unsynchronized’:
correspondingly, the .vpdesc of the project is not updated. Also, deleting the .vpdesc and manually triggering the generation, even with freshly imported and unmodified sources results in a file that does not include a Diagrams description as it was originally.
The same behavior is observed in a newly created Viewpoint DSL project with very simple data, UI and diagram specifications.
Finally, I would like to ask whether there are additional documentation sources on creating viewpoints that we could use in our project, especially about the meaning and practical implications of concepts such as Node, Container, Edge, Local vs. External Association, Diagram extensions and mappings, where to look for the identifiers of Capella diagramas to be extended, etc. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance!

Hello Sergio,
I’ve tried on my side with Capella Studio 1.2.0 and it works perfectly fine.
Could you please tell me which version of Java you have?
Moreover, when opening the different files of the vpdsl plugin, please ensure that you open them with the right editor (right click, open with):

  • mass.spec.vptext with the Vptext Specification Editor
  • mass.data.vptext with the Vptext Data Editor

    Regarding the synchronization problem, you can try to refresh the view (right click on the folder then refresh)

Hi Aurélien,
thanks a lot for your reply! I had found the editor issue here in the forum. Refreshing does not seem to have an effect either. I am using Java 1.8.0_161.
I have, in the meantime, found out a bit more about my issue:
I had configured the target platform to point to my Capella 1.2.0 installation (including its configuration area) instead of the running Capella Studio (at $eclipse_home). Reverting this alleviated some of the symptoms. In order to test it, I had to change my launch configuration to target the product
org.polarsys.capella.rcp.product. The video tutorials/etc run the application
org.polarsys.capella.core.platform.sirius.ui.perspective.id, but this does not appear to work correctly as of Capella Studio 1.2.0.
The updated target platform seems to solve the issue with viewpoints for now. It would still be interesting to see what the critical difference is since sometimes it is convenient to target the development version of Capella instead of the one included with Capella Studio (in my case, because I am working with the repository version of Diff/Merge-CoEvolution).
Again, thanks a lot for looking into this. I will make sure to update this thread if I find new information regarding this.

I am having a lot of trouble finding the vpdsl file for the basic models. Could you advise me where you were able to download them?
Thank you,