Viewpoint Generation Capella Studio 1.1.0

Did anybody succeed in the viewpoint creation in the 1.1.0 version of Capella Studio? I mean by the option “Generate Viewpoint” on a .spec file?
thanks for your feedbacks.

Yes I succeeded and it appears in the viewpoint manager but I’ve got some compatibility issues with my code…

Hello Mathhieu,
did you do something special to create all the file of the viewpoint as in the 1.0.0. version? or did you follow the same way (create your .vdsl, complete the .data, .spec, .diagram, .ui…) then right click on the .spec and then Viewpoint DSL \ Generate Viewpoint)?
Thanks for this

I followed the same method as with version 1.0.X.
There is some new video tutorials on Youtube
It looks the same as before.

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