ViewPoint access in AQL and/or Java

In a PAB I created a Behaviour PC and, having the basic price ViewPoint installed and activated, I added a Price extension to my component.

Now, I’d like to be able to retreive price informations from AQL or Java.
Having selected the component in the project explorer, I tried to use the Sirius Interpretor view and type : aql:self.ownedExtensions() but I obtained an empty list as a result.

It doesn’t seem that simple …

Is there a way to do that in aql or in java ? (I wish there is…)

Thank you in advance.


Yes you can do it. The basic viewpoint content is not attached to the component but to the Part, that is why you did not find it. From the component you thus have to navigate to the Part using self.typedElements and then the ownedExtensions().