Version values for functions or components

Hi There,
I am trying to add a ‘version’ property to all functions and components in my model. The idea is that some functions will be planned for now, but only implemented in later versions.
I am not too familiar with “property values” and can’t find much in the documentation about them. I have a few questions:

  1. How do I apply a property to each function individually? When I create a property and apply it to multiple functions, they all seem to share the same value for that given property. I would like multiple (all) functions to have a “version” property, but not share the same value. Seems weird that the value is shared by default.
  2. Is there a way to filter functions in a diagram based on a given property? (version property in my case)
    I remember Stephane showing something very similar to this versioning idea when I was at a training session in Montreal in the fall. I’m having a hard time remembering/reproducing it.

Sorry for the delay…
There are two ways of using Property Values.
For any element you can create its own property value, using the “add element” menu. But it means you will have to manually create these property values on each model element.
Do you want to associate versions to each elements separately, or do you want to have a set of system-wide versions that you want to allocated to each elements? I can propose different solutions for these two cases.

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