Validate diagram button


I was working on a diagram and accidentally clicked on the validate diagram button in the contextual menu after right clicking on a diagram.

Warning icons appeared on all my components who had issues.
I can’t make them disappear from this diagram.
Most of the issues are warning me that the element isn’t represented in physical architecture but I am well aware of that.

I have tried shutting the diagram down, shutting Capella down but the icons are still there.

Is there a way to make them disappear?

A solution I have found if someone has the same problem :
Clone the entire diagram, the warnings do not appear on the new one.

Hi Luc,

Just to check.
Have you tried using the information view (Window->Show View->Information)?


No I had not tried to use this tool. I thought it would fully delete the message not allowing me to see it when needed.

Thank you for your advice

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