Using Regions with Modes & States Diagrams

I have a question :
I cannot see Region option in State & Modes Diagrams Palette. In fact, the option is not available on Capella and even if I create Regions in the Project Explorer, I cannot see them on the diagram.
Does someone could help me ?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello Alex,
Indeed, regions are not yet represented graphically. They are only used as container of Mode or States. So, if you want to work with region the only way to do it is with the capella explorer.
As you suggest, regions shall be visible and able to be created with the palette. This evolution has not been implemented yet but has already been considered. However, as there are lots of enhancement requested, we don’t know when this feature will be available.
Could you please create a bugzilla ( for this?
Thanks for your feedback.

Hello Aurelien,
Thanks for your answer. Yes ok I will create a Bugzilla to add this evolution.

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